Karina Beorlegui (photo: Yael Szmulewicz)

Recorded for the Tango Stories podcast — April 16, 2021
This interview has been translated from Spanish and edited for conciseness. Interview & translation by Meredith Klein. Listen in Spanish

Karina Beorlegui is a renowned singer, actress and producer. She has released three albums, building and exploring a bridge between Argentine tango and Portugese fado. She has performed with a who’s who of contemporary tango greats including Federico Mizrahi, Alejandro Dolina, and Chino Laborde, among many others, and has anchored the show “Tango Porteño” as lead vocalist. She produced the Fado-Tango Club at the CAFF in Buenos Aires, and also…

Meredith Klein

Meredith directs the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School and the Philly Tango Festival. She is co-producer of the Tango en la Terraza series.

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